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Welcome to Wolfson

Wolfson is home to graduate students, researchers and Fellows from all over the world researching a wide range of subjects. For this guide we have trawled the city of Oxford for places that highlight its uniqueness.

Tim Hitchens wearing face covering

Welcome from our President

A warm welcome to everyone here at Wolfson. Some of you will know Wolfson well, and are returning to familiar pastures. For others, this will be your first time at this great college, and you will be learning Wolfson’s Harbour, meadows, and library for the first time. You’ve chosen one of Oxford’s gems as your home. With COVID-19 measures in place to protect the community, protect the vulnerable and protect you it’ll be a little different from usual, but the essence will be the same.

When I arrived here as President I was struck by three things.

First, the family atmosphere – and by that I don’t just mean that there are a lot of families, but also that we have the kind of warm welcome you’d expect entering the family home. We have conversations going on all the time between the generations, between fellows, researchers, and more recent graduates. There really is very little stratification here.

Second, the sheer scale of events and collaborations happening in the college, be it the clusters of interdisciplinary work, the music and art we host, the buzz of the place especially during term time. There will be more virtual buzz this term, and our social interaction will be a bit more physically distanced. But it is a place which will stimulate and surprise you.

And third, the modernity of Wolfson. That is partly of course the original Grade II listed Powell and Moya buildings from the seventies, complemented by the new Academic Wing opened a few years ago, which you now come through to enter the College – you come in with a fresh frame of mind. But it’s also a commitment to being ahead of the curve in our thinking and working, looking to take the best of Oxford without some of its historical accretions.

You will all be struck by different things as you come through our doors, and you will all write your own Wolfson stories. Some may eventually feature in our Oxford Centre for Life Writing! Wherever you come from, and whatever your destination, I hope the college can provide a home for you, stimulate your thinking, and even if you are studying the most ancient of civilisations, keep you (when you are not at your studies) firmly in the twenty-first century.

Tim Hitchens, President 

Find us

How to find us

The College is situated at the end of Linton Road, off Banbury Road, about one mile north of the city centre.


Before you arrive

Loads of really useful information about what to expect and what to plan for before your arrival at Oxford is available via the University's new arrivals website. It includes videos from current students, check lists, accommodation advice and links for further information. It's worth checking what you can do to prepare to make your arrival as smooth as possible.

The health and safety of our students and staff is our number one priority. We and the University will have a range of measures in place including a dedicated testing service, support for students needing to self-isolate, and clear guidance informed by scientific advice. 

Click here for more information about arriving at Wolfson

The Lodge

The Lodge - Your first port of call

The Lodge’s receptionists are the first point of contact with Wolfson and the College remains open seven days a week from 8am to 11pm. They can help you with information on such matters as opening times and availability of College facilities, handing over keys to the music rooms, squash courts and many other places (and can even let you back into your room if you get locked out!).


Your first day at Wolfson

When you first arrive at Wolfson there are several things you will want to do on your first day:

1. Meet the Academic Office Team to register for your course and collect your University card and sign the Wolfson College Student Contract,

2. Attend a library induction and college tour,

2. Set up an internet connection,

3. Verify your Oxford single sign-on (SSO) IT login credentials via Oxford Self Service (if you haven't already), and

4. Check your Nexus email account.


Academic dress - What you need to know

The full academic dress at Oxford is known as sub fusc and is worn at Matriculation and Graduation ceremonies, exams and vivas. Gowns and caps can be hired or purchased from Castell & Son Ltd, Ede and Ravenscroft, Shepherd and Woodward and Walters of Oxford.

Red sign in front of Wolfson College with COVID-19 text

Latest Service Updates

This is Wolfson's page for keeping you up-to-date with the latest about our facilities, providing you with information on what facilities are open or closed. It will be updated as often as there is any significant change.

Visualisation of the coronavirus

Oxford University COVID-19 Response

The University is acting on advice from sources including the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, World Health Organization, the NHS and Public Health England. Our own academic experts in infectious diseases and other relevant subjects are involved in our response to coronavirus.

Click here for information about the University’s current status, and its approach to responding to COVID-19.

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Living in Wolfson

New Fellows and students, as well as those returning to College after living elsewhere since the outbreak of the pandemic, will be joining a community that has grown accustomed to living under emergency rules and regulations. Please read our Living and Studying Safely at Wolfson during the COVID-19 Pandemic; click here to download the guide

Person washing hands

The 5 rules

To live and study safely at Wolfson during the COVID-19 Pandemic, we have set up five simple rules. 

1. Stay in your household and work from there whenever you can; limiting face-to-face contact whilst doing so. 

2. When outside of your household maintain social distance. This means: 2 metres when outdoors; 2 metres, wherever possible, plus a face-covering (see 4 below) when indoor in shared spaces. If possible, never spend more than 15 minutes closer than 2 metres to others, even if you are wearing a face-covering.

3. Wash your hands frequently, regularly and thoroughly with soap and running water for at least 20 seconds, or use alcohol-based hand-sanitiser (see here).

4. Wear a face-covering at all times: indoors in shared areas (except in your household, or when eating or drinking in the Hall, Bar of café where special rules apply); outdoors whenever you are likely to come closer than 2 metres to anyone (e.g. on public transport, in crowded streets, in shops etc). This does not apply to those granted exemption: see here

5. If you are displaying any of the symptoms of COVID-19, self-isolate in your room, flat or house, arrange to have a test and report immediately to (see here for symptoms and how to arrange a test through NHS. From the start of term, tests will also be available through the University). 

Two people playing squash

Safe use of sports facilities

The government has now permitted limited and controlled use of some sports facilities. Our residents can use some of our sports facilities following guidance. This guidance is likely to change (either further relaxation or re-tightening of restrictions) and all residents intending to make use of facilities must read (or re-read) the Government guidance before doing so. Click here to read the Government guidance.

Click here to read about the specific measures taken at Wolfson. 

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Wolfson Fresher's Facebook group

Are you a 2019/20 Fresher? Join this Facebook page for all your questions, tips & tricks, social gatherings, and more! 


Academic and Personal Welfare

For confidential listening and advice students can speak to any member of the College Welfare Team made up of the Senior Tutor, Academic Registrar, Welfare Officers and Peer Supporters. 



Wolfson Welfare Team

We have Student Welfare Officers (Bessie O'Dell, Ethan Friederich, Fahad Rahman, Lesley Nelson-Addy) who are available to provide practical and informed advice, and hold regular welfare events (often with cake!). The Welfare Officers are here to help you get the best out of your time at Wolfson College. Not only are they are here to help with serious problems, they can help you enjoy your time at Wolfson in many different ways.


Student reading a newspaper

The Academic Office

The Academic Office is responsible for all aspects of student administration handled by the College, starting with the admissions process, continuing through your course and finishing with your graduation ceremony. 

The office is normally staffed from 9am to 5pm Monday to Thursday and until 4pm on Fridays, and we are available for drop-in enquiries from 10am to 12am and 1pm to 3pm daily. 

blue heart

The Student Advice Service

The Student Advice Service is a free, independent and confidential available to all Oxford University students. Independent from the colleges and the University, staff are available to give information and support to students facing difficult situations.

Dog standing in front of concrete wall at Wolfson

Jack the Welfare Dog

Spending time in the company of a dog can be beneficial to the wellbeing of our students, which is why the College is trialling an arrangement with the Bursar to allow students to spend time with Jack. Jack is a working cocker spaniel, which is a highly intelligent breed, well known for their affection.

Jack responds to the following commands: sit, stay, lie down, heel, roll over, closer, and no. He is happiest in people's company and enjoys walking and/or getting him to stay or respond to commands is also good for him. 

If you'd like to spend time with Jack, please contact the PA to the Bursar at 

Leonard Wolfson Auditorium

Accessibility at Wolfson

At Wolfson we are always working to make the College accessible for everyone. College staff is always ready to assist and provide information on site. Take a tour of our buildings and venues available for all access needs. 

Two students talking

Welcoming scheme

When you arrive, all ‘New Faces’ are paired with current students, or ‘Old Hands’, already at Wolfson. Your 'Old Hand' provides a friendly face around college who can help you to settle in and provide information about Wolfson, the University and living in Oxford.


IT at Wolfson

The College provides both Windows and Mac workstations for use by members in the Library, as well as printing facilities. The IT staff run a weekly IT surgery or you can seek advice through the online support system.


Your Pidge

Pidge is short for 'pidgeon hole'. Pidges at Wolfson College can be found just behind the lodge. This is where you will receive your mail. "To pidge" is to send a message via the University Messenger Service. 

Wolfson Pear


Each student at Wolfson has an account with the College known as ‘battels’. Wolfson runs a cash-free system, where all personal costs incurred at Wolfson are added to this running total. Each month, battels bills for College accommodation, food and other items will be emailed, and must be paid by the due date specified on the battels statement. Members will be able to pay their battels online using their Oxford single-sign-on account log in details. 

Student sitting in library in front of laptop


The Library is open to members of the college 24/7, every day of the year and includes a fantastic new extension and break out area. Our Librarians Fiona is available to help you navigate your reading lists and research requirements.



All of Wolfson's graduate accommodation is on-site or in a property immediately adjacent to the College grounds, which means all facilities are a step away from your door. This includes accommodation for couples and families.

The Florey Room

Facilities at Wolfson College

At Wolfson College you will find a variety of facilities that can be booked either online or by contacting the Events Office

Getting Involved

Getting involved

All of the various constituencies in the College are represented at all levels of decision-making in the College. In particular, this means that graduate students have a voice on the committees that decide how the College is run and developed.


College Nursery

Wolfson College Day Nursery is contained within the College’s buildings and there are two enclosed outside play areas. The Day Nursery prides itself on the supportive and happy environment it provides for children of all abilities who come from a wide range of different cultures and backgrounds.

Tulips in the Bishop's Garden

Sustainability at Wolfson

The College has an informal committee working together with the Home Bursar to improve College sustainability. We discuss and take action on a range of issues. If you would like to come along to one of our bi-termly meetings, please contact the Home Bursar's Office or talk to the current Environmental Rep, Paulo de Souza (

The Pride flag

LGBTQ+ at Wolfson

In 2018, Wolfson College appointed an LGBTQ+ representative, Hannah Goddard-Rebstein. She has discussed issues relating to gender-neutral washrooms and raising the Pride flag in College with various committees. As a College we are working hard to promote and highlight LGBTQ+ issues. 

Wolfson College Running Club

Clubs & Societies

Wolfson College boasts a wide range of clubs and societies - from arts to yoga and most things in between. These are open to all College members and many of them are free to join or membership and costs are subsidised by the College. 

General meeting

General Meeting

General Meetings occur at least twice in each term and are an opportunity for all College and Common Room members to discuss any College business. Anybody can raise on issue for discussion. If you have something that you would like to be discussed in an upcoming meeting, please contact the Chair of the General Meeting or the Common Room Administrator. 


The Wolf Hub

Book facilities at Wolfson College through the Wolf Hub


The College Gym

The Sports/Weights Room is open from 6.30 am–11 pm. It contains weights machines and free weights, two cross trainers, running machines, bike and an ergometer (‘erg’). You need to complete a gym induction prior to using the gym, after which you can use your University card ('Bod card') for access.

Before being allowed to use the Sports Room members of College and Common Room must attend a one hour induction held by a qualified instructor.

Squash court

Squash courts & Squash Club

Our squash courts are open 24 hours a day and are located near the Robyn Gandy accommodation and sports field. The Squash Club is very active and welcomes new members.


Punting and leisure sports

The College owns six punts for the use of College members during the warmer months. There are sports lockers in the boathouse, which contain equipment for croquet, hockey, football, cricket and volleyball.

Grilled sweetcorn on Barbecue


There is a barbecue, picnic area and children’s playground beside the north car park. Barbecues can be booked and are a nice way to spend a summer evening.

Piano - David Jones

Music facilities

The College has two small practice rooms, each containing an upright piano and there is a grand piano in the Dining Hall. The College Music Society owns a selection of piano music, choral works and CDs which you may borrow free of charge from the library.